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12:48 p.m. - 07.01.2007
The Return
So, here I am again. Oh how I've missed you Diaryland! There have been so many times I meant to come back. So many times I've thought, "I just have to write this out." And I haven't. Until now.

I miss you, B. I can't even describe how much. I'm following your lead and writing here again so we can keep in touch thousands of miles away. I want you to know what's in my head again. I need you to know so we can have our epic conversations where we work everything out, plan our huge plans and the make the entire world ours again.

I wasn't sure I wanted to start back here, at this diary. I thought of just making a whole new diary because I wasn't sure I could go back here, to all this mess, all this pain, all of this deep, deep feeling. The previous entries here document one of the most difficult times of my life, but in the end, I decided I didn't want to lose them. (And, if I can get my older diary page working I'll link them here, too.) I have to start writing again. I'm a writer who doesn't write.

I hope I can find some of the friends I used to have here. I clicked on a couple of their links to the right over there, but they seem to be gone. I might be able to find them again with a little hunting.

Anyway, I'm back. I have a million things to say. I'll start saying them later because right now it's a beautiful day and I have to run errands.

P.S. This template needs work, a lot of the links don't work. I'll get on that laster. <3



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